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art for inner peace

Daf Classes on Saturday 10- Open to all

August 15

Past events

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if i could ad (2)


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silence of the himalayas 3

Photo and video exhibition, along with sitar music, Indian classical vocal and poetry that immerses you into the meditative aura of one if the most spiritual and enigmatic region on the Earth – the Himalayas. 03/09/2019

“If I could” children’s workshop

UNESCO BMW Church Street Showroom


Silk Flowers Exhibition by Lyudmila

Painting on fabric workshop

Niloofar is a mom with two children and comes from an artistic family. Painting is in her blood, and she has been exploring painting on canvas to fabrics. To give those patterns and colors that you can’t find on the market, just ask, she can make it for you.

Fabric treatment and scarf dying


Felted soap workshop


Doll knitting

Bag making with recycled fabrics

You may want to create your own fancy design with recycled fabrics or with a simple cotton bag. How about a lotus? You can learn how to create your own stencil and use it to trace and then color it. A bag done by you is  always unique as you are.

Frederick Community College International Gathering


IMUN artistic night with UBMW members 

East Meets West Musical Event


“Painting Peace” workshop

Culinary and pastry making workshop


Children’s Peace workshop

How to teach children to be peaceful inside. It’s not enough to teach them to just “breath and let it go”. You may encourage them to breathe with some therapeutic movements to create harmony between their physicality and their mind. Through this workshop they learn how to do an individual check-up of their own emotions like a real doctor. Drawing, coloring, listening to music and making music, are all good tools to bring peace inside.

Poetry night at ARTOMATIC

Everybody has right to express their beautiful feelings and share them with the world. This is the basics of communication, tolerance, and peacefulness. Poems are music in words.


Lotus Aprons

Do you use aprons for kitchen or garden jobs around your house? How about a professional apron for work? On a simple cotton apron you can awaken your inner creativity by making a vivid, colorful lotus that can express the beauty inside you.

Click here to book and for more information

Clay Oil Lamp Making

clay lamp

Would you like to make a colorful lamp holder from simple clay? All you need to do is to get plaster, give it the desired shape, then paint and decorate it with colorful beads. This class offers an experience with the element of the earth to embrace the light.

Click here to book and for more information

Watercolour painting and Zentangle


Watercolour master Shirin Shahram Badie guides you in your artwork with a step by step method from start to finish. These classes can be in an individual or group format, up to 12 people. She also offers hands on relaxing art sessions including Zentangle motives.

Click here to book and for more information

Wood art


What can you do with a piece of wood? Make a beautiful magnet to offer as a gift? Create an art piece for your living room? Or simply make a necklace or pin for yourself? With this versatile workshop you can be creative and bring inspired art into your daily life.

Click here to book and for more information

“If I could” children


Based on a book sponsored by UBMW, your children will read and enjoy making the main characters from the book in clay. The workshop offers also the option of coloring some selected images. This starts with our storyteller reading the book or by playing the animations in the background.

Click here to book and for more information

Art and kundalini

Kundalini is a spiral shape that has been represented in art from the ancient times till this day. It symbolizes the organic evolution of a being through the pure knowledge, awareness and the joy of life. Self-esteem and taking responsibility is the byproduct of searching this life force.


Click here to book and for more information


World Day for Inner Peace 


World Peace Festival

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