Art Competition


Art for Inner Peace 2019


To strengthen the vitality and sustainability of artists, UNESCO BMW, in collaboration with UNESCO Center for Peace, created this competition for the local community of Frederick with an opportunity for national and international submissions.

Our mission is to promote the understanding of UNESCO ideals and to put in action initiatives that help raise a new generation of illuminated artists in the arena of world peace. We hope to create the conditions for dialogue through art among civilizations, cultures and people.

Through this competition, we wish to promote local and international artists by showcasing their art pieces as well as bringing cultural events to the community.

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Poetry
  • Music

Submission Conditions


Any age, faith, gender, culture

Product by Category:
  • Film/Video: Minimum 1 to 10 minutes, submit youtube link or low resolution format by email. Judges will consider contestants’ technical and creative approach to sound, editing, cinematography, story and plots, and the art of acting
  • Photography format: digital high resolution (min 3000px x 2300px at 300 dpi). Judges will consider innovative means of delivering the message, overall artistic impression, clarity and quality of submission, colour, lighting, exposure and focus
  • Painting format: maximum 8×11.5
  • Poetry: minimum 1 paragraph and maximum 7 paragraphs
  • Music: a track of minimum 1 to 3 minutes

All contestants in all categories will be judged on their ability to follow the theme of the contest.

All contestants will be judged on their ability to convey in finest artistic manner the message or/and having an innovative approach to the material, uniqueness of concept, clarity of expression, originality, creativity.

There shall be no nude or shocking/graphic images or messages.


The contest starts April 30, 2019 and the final deadline is October 15, 2019. Judging will take place and final winners will be announced  October 30, 2019.


“Inner Peace” and what it represents to you.


There will be 3 finalists for each category.

All winner’s art pieces and media will be displayed and presented at the Art for Inner Peace event December 12, 2019 and will be displayed throughout the season.

Third finalists will receive a certificate.

Second finalists will receive, along with the certificate, an official plaque engraved with their name.

First finalists will receive a certificate, an engraved plaque and will be recognized as a member of our UNESCO BMW Club. In this recognition they will get a membership card.

(Perks of being a UNESCO BMW Member)

Submission Rules

Make sure your entry follows the submission guidelines prior to submitting:

  • The work has to be relevant to the question.
  • Your work must be original.
  • All participants need to fill out the Submission Form.
  • All artworks have to comply with the mentioned format requirements.
  • You must complete the 100 word explanation of your work on the Submission Form.

Submit application here

Judges Panel

antara heather joanne

Antara Bansal           Heather Caton             Joanne Snow 

India                              USA                                 USA

kamran lenka mehdia

Kamran Jahed               Lenka Vilchez      Mehdi Ahmadi

Iran                               Czech Republic           USA

najee shahnaz siennah

Najee Banks       Shahnaz Shokrekhodaie         Siennah Kessler

USA                                   USA                                      USA

Organizing team

Zohreh Rezazadeh    Vira Ugrjumov    Steven Marchitelli     Elena Agarwal

Iran                                Belgium                 USA                              Russia

Congratulations to the Winners!