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International artists convene at Hood for a World Peace Festival

  • By Arlene Karidis Special to The News-Post
  • May 14, 2016

Artists and performers born around the globe came to Hood College last weekend to share their take on world peace and unity. They were an American Hood College fine arts graduate, a musician couple from Colombia and India, and others who relayed their ideas through dance, song, paintings, and a puppet show.

On their way to Rosentock’s auditorium to experience the multicultural expressions, guests walked a hall of exhibits, the majority representing the work of Iranian artists and crafters — the home country of Zohreh Rezazadeh president of UNESCO Frederick, a club of UNESCO, a United Nations organization. The Frederick club hosted the World Peace Festival that spring afternoon.

Besides Persian rugs, handcrafted bags, and art created by Iranians, was a smattering of works like glass–encased terrariums, nature scenes carved into linoleum, and a table where an Indian painter did free henna body art. There would later be perks like free workshops to learn how to make mandalas, to practice meditation, and to learn and practice soothing musical notes in a group.

“This is a haft, explains Yasi Hosseini, a volunteer with nonprofit Children of Persia, pointing to art on stationery at her table. The haft is a spread of symbolic items traditionally displayed at the Persian New Year like greens for growth, and vinegar and garlic for health she said.

Not far away, Sonia Calafiorie creates an intricate full-hand henna design of flowers and leaves on a visitor who stopped by her table. As her art subject watches the details fill in over the back of her hand to her fingertips, Calafiorie explains to her, artists use powder from leaves of the henna plant because the people of Eastern countries believe it brings luck.

“It is considered beautiful and a blessing and worn by women in celebratory times. Brides wear henna designs on their wedding day. Ladies are decorated at baby showers and when they move into new homes,” she said as she painted.

Down in the auditorium the entertainment has begun. A splash of light and color pops in the otherwise dark space as a bigger-than-life image appears on a screen of a woman wearing plants in her hair, rising from a towering hill surrounded by mountains and horizon. Colombian native Angela Nambiar and her husband Amtich Nambiar from India begin their fusion of Indian and western music in a devotional song praising mother earth.

The music styles are quite different but complementary, later explained Angela who through the couple’s performance switches from a guitar to a bamboo flute.

Felted soaps Workshop:club-soap-felting-workshop

UNESCO BMW Clay Workshop.jpg Clay workshop

OUR CRAFT ROOM in UNESCO Frederick Headquarter:

Monthly Display: All potential and real artist and crafters are invited to exhibit here!







Synthesi of Art and Craft by UNESCO Club.jpg

Art and Craft from all over the world in the sign of PEACE & UNION!

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