Self Awareness

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meditationStress Relief Meditation


We offer stress relief meditation sessions. These sessions are to create a deeper connection with yourself and try to develop a sense of peace within.

The state, known as thoughtless awareness, makes us peaceful, balanced and integrated while improving our wellness and relationships over time.


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Inner Peace

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Inner Peace is a voluntary project, designed to awaken the desire in our younger generations for a world without conflict. With this goal these volunteers present schools and youth organizations sessions on peace within and without.

Inner Peace Day
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Inner Peace started as Inner Peace Day, an international celebration of 21 March as the World Day for Inner Peace. The idea behind it was to establish a day in schools dedicated to World Peace, where students could experience inner peace for themselves. Following this idea, our organization offers local schools Inner Peace Day event.


Inner Peace Programs


Inner Peace programs consist in bullet programs for any primary to high school classes. We have customized follow up programs for different ages and class grades.

This peace practice is rooted in ancient wisdom but its validity is confirmed by a body of medical and scientific evidence. These sessions improve physical and mental health as well as quality of life.

A moment of serene tranquility, of mental stillness, in which a subtle inner joy emerges. In an instant, our thronging thoughts subside and all that remains is a calm awareness: the recognition of the beauty of existence. It is a state that we have all felt, however briefly, at least once in our lives, when touched by the beauty of a natural landscape, the perfume of a flower or the splendor of a sunrise. It is the grace that inspired Mozart’s glorious melodies, the power and harmony of Michelangelo’s sculptures, and the skillful, musical lines of Shakespeare and Dante.

We all need a precious amount of space in which we can reduce these pressures and restore balance to our mental well-being. It soothes the over-activity of the brain, resets the brain waves that accompany the thoughts, and generally induces a sense of relaxation.

During these sessions, the over activity of the brain is calmed through an increased parasympathetic activity. Electroencephalogram studies have shown that the limbic system in the left frontal lobe, the key area of the brain in creating positive emotions, is activated during the state of thoughtless awareness. Once this state is achieved, the practitioner begins feeling sensations akin to joy. This sustained feeling, combined with the ability to concentrate without creating stress, is a significant factor in being more focused, fighting depression and anxiety, thus contributing to a higher quality of life, as well as better performance in school and social life.


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Rising your inner energy with Australian native dance:

Contact Website for UNESCO Camp:

2018 UNESCO SUMMER CAMP in Hood College Frederick MD


Sometimes in life, you may feel confused, worried, disliked, and unhappy. When you feel

this way your energy goes down and your health can be affected. “Energized Awareness” can help you feel better! HOW? By replenishing our own innate energy, which is constantly being depleted by our emotional environment. This energized awareness exercise can also help to improve self-awareness, health, and wellness. When we do this, our innate energy is recharged, we are connected to the environment, and inspired to protect our ecosystem with more clarity and purpose. The goal of our Energized Awareness workshop is to instill environmental stewardship through our own innate energy and self-awareness.

To begin our “Energized Awareness” exercise, we start with some deep breathing to bring our attention inward and then we direct our attention towards these ideas:

1. Self Awareness

2. Emotional Balance

3. Inner Peace

4. Joy

5. Compassion

6. Forgiveness

7. Oneness

Then, massage your head with right hand and put your attention on top of your head for a while in silence!

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How to de-stress in 3 minutes:

  • Simply be comfortable in sitting or standing
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe along your spine from the base of the spine to top of your head; hold it there for a few seconds, release the breath, and allow it to drape back over you. Do this for three times
  • Take your breath from base of your spine to the level of your navel, expanding your abdomen; hold it for few seconds, and release. Do this for three times. Afterwards, desire the state of inner peace
  • Take your breath from base of your spine to the level of your center chest, expanding your center chest; hold it for a few seconds and release. Do this for three times. Afterwards, desire the state of inner confidence and security
  • Take your breath from the base of your spine to the level of your forehead, expanding this area; hold it for a few seconds and release. Do this for three times. Afterwards, desire the state of release from mental concepts and judgment


  • Finally, take your breath from the base of your spine to the top of your head, hold it there for a few seconds and then exhale allowing your breath to drape back over you. Do this for a total of three times. Afterwards, ask for the state of silence
  • Simply stay with this state, and just watch your thoughts that come into your mind and let them go by like images on a screen
  • Now, allow yourself to enjoy this state for a few moments

Please feel free to use this sequence, as needed, anytime during the day or when unable to sleep restfully.