Get Energized Trio

Get Energized Trio – Energy Saving/STEM Program


UNESCO is an United Nations organization for educational, scientific, and cultural purposes. With Frederick County Green department, this year we want to focus our attention particularly on the community and the schools in saving energy, which is part of the UN 2030 agenda.

We want to help to promote alternative energy practices, protect the environment and save energy through your school curricula and STEM programs. We offer a series of entertaining and informative workshops for students and their families.
This year’s program is called Get Energized Trio, and consists of a series of interactive programs to show students and their families how their everyday activities influence the overall energy use of their communities. Our services are as follows:

  1. An energy consumption survey is provided.
  2. Through grants available to the schools, we can offer visual demonstrations, live music, andentertainment to teach students the importance of STEM, including hands-on activities related to STEM and renewable energy, with supplies included, and a STEM Night where parents and students work together to become Energy Detectives and learn how to save energy and water in the their home and community.
  3. Assistance in obtaining a Green School certification or re-certification.
  4. Opportunity for school fundraising. Families can raise money for their school while saving energy athome, by participating in the Home Performance with Energy Star program offered by Potomac Edison.Get Energized Trio-STEM ProgramGet Energized Trio-STEM Program-2